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 The companion book to the video series
Cherished by fans and collectors since its first publication in 1980, I, Me, Mine is now available in paperback. The closest we will come to George Harrison's autobiography.
The Authorized Hunter Davies Biography
Tune In
Part 1 of the new massive biography by Mark Lewishon 
Paul McCartney
The Life
The Beatles Gear
The Beatles Complete Scores
Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick
Here is the comprehensive and most revealing portrait of John Lennon that is ever likely to be published.
by Phillip Norman
Living In The Material World
by Olivia Harrison
This Bird Has Flown
The Enduring Beauty of Rubber Soul 50 years on
George Martin's book
Bob Spitz Beatles Biography
Ringo's book
The Beatles in their generation
Beatles Day by Day

"In its revelation of the man's psychology, THE JOHN LENNON LETTERS far surpasses all previous accounts by wives, lovers, half-siblings, ex-aides, and even the best biographers." -- The Washington Post

From the early days as a jazz club, through the Beatles years and the dramatic openings and closings, every page of this book about the Cavern Club abounds with wit and insight. The author is an acknowledged authority on the Beatles and Sir Paul McCartney has written a foreword.
"Remarkable as it may seem, but this is the first book on The Beatles' film Help! and that in itself a rare milestone in Fab Four history.