The Beatles Complete Scores
The Beatles for Ukelele
Easy arrangements of 120 Beatles hits. A truly remarkable collection including: All My Loving * And I Love Her * Come Together * Eleanor Rigby * Get Back * Help! * Hey Jude * I Want to Hold Your Hand * Let It Be * Michelle * many, many more.
The Beatles for Finger Picking Guitar

(Guitar Recorded Versions The Beatles' first full album essentially changed the face of popular music. Here are notes & tab for all 14 songs from the seminal release
Guitar Recorded Versions This updated edition boasts all-new engravings of the note-for-note transcriptions to these 14 classics from Rubber Soul
Guitar Recorded Versions Note-for-note guitar transcriptions to the Beatles' soundtrack to the movie of the same name.
Guitar Recorded Versions Matching folio to the classic album, including the songs: Come Together * Here Comes the Sun * Octopus's Garden * Something * and more.
Note-for-note transcriptions to the Beatles' fourth album
(Guitar Recorded Versions of 
The Beatles 27 Number One Hits
Guitar Recorded Versions At last - transcriptions to this landmark album, including the songs: Eleanor Rigby * Good Day Sunshine * Got to Get You into My Life * Taxman * Yellow Submarine * and more!
Guitar Recorded Versions This updated edition features brand new transcriptions for all 13 tunes from the Beatles classic album
Guitar Recorded Versions Now you can play this iconic album note for note with these authentic guitar transcriptions. Includes notes & tab for 11 tracks
Guitar Recorded Versions Our matching folio to The Beatles' timeless and glorious third album features note-for-note transcriptions with tab
Guitar Recorded Versions This matching folio features 15 bonafide Beatles hits from their newly remastered animated classic: All Together Now * All You Need Is Love * Baby You're a Rich Man * Eleanor Rigby * Hey Bulldog * It's All Too Much * Love You To * Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds * Nowhere Man * Only a Northern Song * Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band * Think for Yourself * When I'm Sixty-Four * With a Little Help from My Friends * Yellow Submarine.
Guitar Recorded Versions of all the songs
from The Beatles last recorded album
Guitar Recorded Versions Book 1 from 
The White Album
Guitar Recorded Versions Book 2 from 
The White Album
(Guitar Recorded Versions of 
The Beatles First American Album
Guitar Chord Songbook This great collection features all 194 songs written and sung by The Beatles, specially transcribed here for strumming guitarists, from the actual recordings, in the original keys. Each song includes chord symbols, guitar chord boxes and complete lyrics. Also features a helpful playing guide and a full discography.
(Easy Guitar). This bestselling easy guitar songbook has been a mainstay on the music stands of guitarists for nearly 30 years! This refreshed edition features all-new engravings of the same incredible song list: 155 songs by the Beatles from their classic early hits to their psychedelic later years and every phase in between, this book lets you play through the entire Beatles journey.
The Beatles Fake Book for C instruments