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Nicholas DiFabbio
Twist And Shout
In February 1963, Please Please Me reached the top of the British charts. It was the Beatles first number one single.

So producer George Martin told the boys they now needed an album, and it would have to be done quickly. [Interview] 

This was how the Please Please Me album was recorded, live, direct to two track tape.George Harrison; [Interview] 
Ringo also remembered; [Interview]

At this time, Lennon and McCartney did not have enough suitable original songs to fill an album. Eight of the fourteen songs would be original Lennon and McCartney numbers.The remaining six would be cover versions of songs from their act.

On February 11, the Beatles were booked into Abbey Road studio for three, three hour sessions, beginning at 10am and finishing at 10pm. 

At 10pm, after a full day of recording, one more song was needed and there was debate as to what it would be. Engineer Norman Smith remembers someone suggesting Twist And Shout, a song written by Phil Medley and Burt Russell. But all present knew that one take would be all that John Lennon could do. [Interview] 

He stripped to the waist and ripped through what would become one of the greatest rock performances of all time. The first take is what you hear on the record today. Second Engineer Richard Langham was shocked and amazed at the powerful performance coming off the studio floor. George Martin could not believe it and said that the longer they played the better they got.

The album was released on March 22, 1963 reached number one in May and remained there for 30 weeks before being replaced with the Beatles next album, 'With The Beatles'  

This Is Susan Kreutzer for The Beatles, Song By Song.

The Isley Bros. who originally recorded the song
With second Engineer Richard Langham
With Engineer Norman Smith
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